Company overview

Company objectives:

  • Provide consulting and business services and tariffs and encourage investment in all sectors so as to support and continuity to avoid irregularities.
  • Equip the client to get accurate legal needed information before proceeding to the import process.
  • Client satisfaction, comfort and safety of the goods that are being imported or exported or shipped.
  • Assist clients in developing their businesses and achieve their ambitions.
  • Provide customs clearance service and terminate all customs procedures for all types of cargo and mails in fullest.

Business  fields:

  • Well-known trading company and licensed by all government departments, specializing in the import and shipping services and clearance.
  • Guide to factories and markets and fairs in all Chines cities.
  • Act as brokers between you and the vendor legal road that serves both parties and preserve their rights for limited commissions.
  • Access to the best suppliers, negotiating the best price, follow orders and quality control.
  • Booking containers, shipping and air places for micro and macro.
  • Marine and air freight from China by container or per cubic meter.
  • Customs clearance and processing of all necessary documents and legal documents in China.

Tenacious with strength and vast experience in laws and customs and import requirements and required certificates of processing for export and import operations.

Why deer company for international trade and shipping:

  • Start your import or export journey step by step.
  • A competent team, all employees of the company are professionals and specialists in their fields.
  • Our role is to make things easier for you, we are always at your service.
  • The shipping company could import from all over the world we are honest hand in your trading.
  • Don’t worry about any of the legal proceedings or clearances, or obtain the necessary licenses.
  • Give you lowest prices with high quality services so as to avoid the further costs on inbound or outbound client

We thank all our clients all in his name and his title who their starting and we grow up to the top with them.